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On your bike. In your boots


Interesting blog entry for all ex pats who are not familiar with our cycling and walking system.

Discovering Belgium

You have a spare few hours; the weather forecast looks reasonable; and you fancy going on a bike ride or a hike in Flanders. But you’re tired of your usual route, and last time you tried a new one you got hopelessly lost.

Don’t despair, the solution is at hand; the Cycling Route Network (fietsknooppuntnetwork) or the Walking Route Network (wandelknooppuntnetwerk).

In my opinion they are one of Belgium’s most useful inventions!

The system originated in the Limburg mining industry. Underground junctions were numbered, and arrows indicated the tunnels leading to the next numbered junctions. Mining engineer and cycling enthusiast Hugo Bollen brought the idea above ground. It was first transferred to cycle routes and then expanded to walking routes. The concept has gradually spread throughout many areas of Flanders and has also been extended to many areas of the Netherlands. Importantly, the networks integrate perfectly…

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Vandaag de melding gekregen dat mijn blog Annette & Guido op in december 2015 opgedoekt wordt. Die blog diende als Archief van mijn allereerste wandelavonturen. Intussen heb ik alle wandelverslagen overgezet naar deze blog maar vele verslagen zijn nog niet in een categorie geplaatst of bestaan nu dubbel. Dat wordt mettertijd in orde gebracht.

Today I was notified that my archive on (Annette & Guido) will disappear in December 2015. All blog reports (old and newer ones) have been transferred to this site but could now appear double and aren’t yet categorized. It will take some time to do so. In the mean time: keep on reading 🙂

Top 10 eerlang geplande wandelingen


Rib gebroken

(Oorspronkelijk geplaatst begin augustus)

Escapardenne Eisleck Trail

Tussen Kautenbach en La-Roche-en-Ardenne (104 km): voorstellingsvideo (Werbevideo) Website


Overzicht recente aanschaffingen

GR 20 Corsica (gedeelde film)

This movie is so beautiful I decided to put it on my blog. Maybe … one day…

Something I’ll never be able to understand: how can one wear earphones while hiking in such surroundings?

Wales Coast Path now open

BBC article

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