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Shapes and patterns in nature

Wie het kleine niet eert, is het grote niet weerd

Discovering Belgium

As regular readers know, I like to encourage people to go local. We don’t always have to travel a long distance to go somewhere different and exciting. There’s always plenty to see and enjoy in nature that’s right on our doorstep.

For example, I went a walk this morning around some nearby fields and woods. I’d walked these paths many times before, but I was struck afresh by the many shapes and patterns we can find in nature, if we take time to look for them.

herent-bertem-34 Leaves are full of patterns, with the veins of these ivy leaves showing up particularly clearly, especially the reddish one bottom left

herent-bertem-35 A caterpillar seems to have taken a perfect semi-circular bite out of this gorgeously patterned leaf, which almost has the shape of Africa!

herent-bertem-38 A sprinkling of frost highlights shapes and patterns that we would not normally notice

herent-bertem-40 Here, the frost seems to…

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